Landlist Overview

Landlist uses the speed and convenience of the Internet to enhance the flow of information. By shortening the time between the development of information and the delivery of information, more informed and better solutions by management can be implemented.


STANDARDIZATION - Landlist offers a standard process for data entry and review. This standardization enables all users to know exactly where to go to find what they are looking for and to quickly create, update, and review data.


  • Daily Expense Reports (view sample)

  • Lease Acquisition Contact Status Report (view sample)

  • Productivity Report (view sample)

  • Unit Report (view sample)

  • Tract Comments Review (view sample)

  • Data Entry Forms

  • New Tract Information

  • Update Tract Information

  • Lessor contact commnets

  • Daily Expense Data

  • References

  • Tailored Broker/Client Approved Lease Agreement

  • Tailored Broker/Client Approved Addendums

  • Measurement Conversion Tables

  • Glossary

  • SECURITY - Security is paramount and all data is restricted and password protected.  Each Landlist user is assigned a unique Username and a password.  Each user is only allowed to see data associated with those tracts that are assigned to them.  Tract assignments are handled by Crew Chiefs who may see all tract information for each Agent (Title or Acquisition) on their crew.  If/when an Agent leaves a Crew and the Landlist administrator is notified, their Landlist account is disabled and the Agent can no longer access any data stored in Landlist.


    SCALABLE - The use of a heirarchical  structure for oversight and control enables Landlist to fit a myriad project sizes: From single person to multiple crews working differnt projcts across numerous states. The figure below shows how these relationships work.  Inside various boxes, in smaller font, are sample entries that you, the curious type, can use to log-in to Landlist and give it a test drive.  The same information is summarized in the table below the graphic.


    Information to use while taking the tour is in the table below.  Note: All passwords are the same as the Username.

     Agent Information                                                          Client Information

    Title Crew Chief RWendel   Client Name XYZ
    Title Agent #1 MWhite   Client Number 1099
    Title Agent #2 BBrown   Client Agent TJ
    Acquisition Crew Chief TGreenn   Crew Numbers "Crew2" and "Crew10"
    Acquisition Agent #1 SSmith   Project Numbers "10" and "20"
    Acquisition Agent #2 JJones   Prospect Name "Utah"
    Operations Crew Chief XCassidy   Project Areas (optional) "North" and "South"
    Operations Agent #1 ALincoln      








     Go ahead and give it a whirl by clicking on one of the links below and enter the associated Username/Password.  Enter information, view reports, have a look around and then give us a call!



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